Personal Ambition Dressed up as Ministry?

Sometimes we switch our personal ambitions (even our lusts) for religious/church ones.  We have not given them up, we just put church clothes on them and speak of them using religious jargon.  But they are still our ambitions (not God’s) and we are still in bondage to them.

So I say, give up your religious dreams that may be in reality, your own desires for personal gratification, affirmation, and a sense of accomplishment.  Renounce the right to accomplish these.  That is what dead people do – except they do it involuntarily.  You, however must do it willingly as a living sacrifice.

Sometimes you have to give up the right to have the rights others seem to have.  Life is not fair – and thank God for that.  Because if life were fair you would be in prison, the grave, or living in torment. 


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