Recovering Pharisee-Step 8

Notes from the book,
“12 Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (like me)”, by John Fischer

 Step 8:  We are looking closely at the lives of famous men and women of the Bible who turned out to be ordinary sinners like us.

     I grew up on Bible stories.  We celebrated these bible heroes every week in church.  But at some point, I found out the rest of the story, and the rest of the story was not so good.  Did finding out about these human weaknesses and sinful lapses endanger my faith?  No. Instead of losing heart, I gained it.  I was simply relieved to find out how human and infallible these people were after all.  I saw them in a different light because I was learning that God operates through human imperfection.  Our lives are not built on laws and principles; they are built on a consistent, compassionate God who somehow works in and around our human failures to work His perfect will in our imperfect lives.     Heb 11; 1 Cor 1:27-29; Luke 10:1, 17-20

     If the Bible tells the whole story, then we need to tell the whole story, too, about our own lives.  We get it right sometimes and we get it wrong sometimes.  But when we get it right, it is because we are depending on God’s strength and presence in our lives, not on anything in and of ourselves. Num 20:7-12; 1 Chr 22:7-9; Psa 119:5; Isa 48:11; Jam 4:6;

     The stories of The Bible read like our lives and give us courage, not because they are about great people whom we admire, but because they are about ordinary people who have a great God.  Rom 7:18; Phil 4:13; Zech 4:6; Matt 23:12; 2 Cor 12:9;


2 thoughts on “Recovering Pharisee-Step 8

  1. I see the people of the Bible in such a different light than I used to. The turning point for me was probably when my life crashed and burned due to my alcoholism and flawed thinking.

    I meet so many people on the road of recovery and marvel at the extremity and diversity of personalities I meet. So many extremities of experiences too… both good and bad.

    Through such a filter of experiences, I have a fresh perspective on my outlook of mankind. Including what I read of the people recorded in the Bible and the lives they led.

    David is one of the most fascinating examples. Having been chosen to be king. Lived a life woven through with God’s blessings and miracles. Yet, when he finally became king, he made some terrible mistakes. He proved his fallibility. Not only did he cheat with another man’s wife. He had the man killed by sending him into battle for entirely selish reasons.

    I say this not judgmentally, but as an awakening to how fallible we all are, no matter how close to God we are or how amazing our history is.

    Each day is a brand new day to make new choices. And David proved to me that our positive history will not keep us from the temptations of today. We need to be vigilant today to keep our lives in check. And this is everyday common stuff. Nobody is beyond temptation and error.

    These steps sound very practical and applicable to us all.




    • This is why God gave us the law. Not to say, “Ha ha, you failed!” But to show us why even the best of us on our best day need to be changed and saved. Left to our own devices, we would destroy not only others, but ourselves as well.

      But where the law is weak in that it cannot save us, grace came to help us to live according to the law by the power of The Holy Ghost.

      Romans 8:2-4; 2 Peter 1:3; Luke 10:19; Joshua 1:7-9

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