Condemnation and the Perfectionist

     I came home from church feeling like I was being critiqued and criticized for my walk with God and the way I worship.  I was beginning to feel like nothing I do would ever please God.  So even though I was seriously tired, I laid down on my bed and asked God some questions.  I knew that the only solution for my despair could come from him. 
     You see, the devil wanted me to become frustrated with God and give up thinking that this way is too hard and that I could never be all of what God wants me to be at this time. So I wrote down the seven questions or thoughts that were on my heart.  After that, The Lord began to speak to me and ministering to me by answering those questions.

Q1:  How can I have passion and hunger along with contentment?

A1:  By willingly, whole-heartedly pursuing more of God with a heart of gratitude for what you already have.

Q2:  How can I get lost in worship when it feels like my worship is being critiqued and choreographed?

A2:  The devil always desires our worship, but he realizes he cannot get that from the saints.  So instead, he hinders, frustrates or contaminates your worship by questioning your propriety, passion and performance.  Your praise and worship are personal.  How dare anyone but God dispute its worth!

Q3:  How can I identify with someone (Jesus) whom I feel I can never measure up to?

A3:  Romans 8:29NIRV says that, God planned that those he had chosen would become like his Son. But 1 John 3:2 also reminds us that He still hasn’t let us know what we will be, just that when Christ appears, we will be like him. We will see him as he really is.  So if we don’t know fully what Jesus is like, who is to say that we have arrived at achieving perfect “Jesus-ness”? The devil is always behind any condemnation. Holy and helpful words of conviction come from God and they bring hope and joy-not despair.  Prov 17:15; Isa 5:20; Rev 12:10; John 3:16-21; 5:24; Rom 8:1-37  

Here are some key points from the 8th chapter of Romans:
  1. Spirit-led people cannot be condemned (1)
  2. Spirit-led people are not condemned by Jesus who only condemned sin – not speed. (3)
  3. Spirit-led people receive life and peace.  (6)
  4. Spirit-led people are called sons of God.  (14)
  5. Spirit-led people are not fully Christ-like yet, regardless of their passion.  (19) 1 John 3:1-3
  6. Spirit-led people are helped by The Spirit because of their limitations.  (26)
  7. Spirit-led people have both their weaknesses and strengths working for our good.  (28)
  8. Spirit-led people have Jesus on their side who is greater than anything against us.  (31)
  9. Spirit-led people realize that God gave his son for us (so he wants us to succeed).  (32)
  10. Spirit-led people can only be justified by God-not others. (33) Rom 14:4
  11. Spirit-led people have Jesus alone influencing God on their behalf.  (34)
  12. Spirit-led people’s shortcomings cannot separate them from the love of Jesus.  (35)
  13. Spirit-led people are more than conquerors in everything Through Christ’s love.  (37)

Q4:  How can I be confident in my salvation when what I do never seems to be good enough?

A4:  In Matthew 11:29-30, Jesus said that his yoke is easy and his burden is light.  But in Acts 15:10, we find that religious people are the ones who put heavy yokes upon us.  Galatians 5:1 says that we have to take a stand against anything that would return us to bondage.  In Colossians 1:9-14, we are told that The Lord is pleased with us when we walk worthy, we are fruitful in all good works, and we are growing in the knowledge of God.  1 John 3:22 also tells us that we please him when we keep his commandments.  Furthermore, 1 Thessalonians 2:4 tells us that Jesus is the one who tests our hearts-not other people.

Q5:  How can I be secure in my salvation if I fear that one little misstep could send me to hell?

A5:  According to John 6:39, Jesus is able to keep us from hell and damnation and Jude 24 says he is able to keep us from falling and present us faultless on that last day.  Luke 15:4 tells us that God will never let us begin to err without a warning and then seeking to bring us back.  But if we sin, 1 John 2:1-2 tells us that this is why we have Jesus, who paid the penalty for us to be forgiven and reconciled to The Father.

Q6:  When can I have a moment to celebrate and appreciate who and where I am instead of fretting about where and who I should be?

A6:  Ecclesiastes 3:22 says that there is nothing better than to rejoice over your hard work.  Ecclesiastes 5:19 says that celebrating your work is a gift of God.  Ecclesiastes 2:24 recommends that we eat, drink and enjoy what we have accomplished.  Ecclesiastes 3:13; 8:15; 9:7 tell us that God wants us to be happy about our works and to know that he accepts them.  Finally, Job 23:10 tells me that when God tries me (not my own testing or the tests of others), I will pass the test and come forth as gold.

Q7:  Should my faith be based on what Jesus did or what I do?

A7:  Jeremiah 17:9 and Romans 7:18 tell us that there is nothing intrinsically good about us.  While we know that faith produces works, we are justified by faith before we even do our first work of God according to Romans 3:28 and Galatians 2:16.  But a true faith in God and his word will cause us to have works according to the 2nd chapter of James.  So my hope and faith based upon what Jesus did who, according to 2 Corinthians 5:21, makes me righteous and who instructs me in Micah 6:8 and James 1:27 on how we are to live according to his will.  Finally, Acts 1:8 said that we have been given The Holy Ghost by which we have receive power to do God’s will.  But my faith is based on God’s love for me, Jesus dying for me, and his promise that he would be glorified by me (in spite of me) and in me 2 Thessalonians 1:10.

I hope this helps at least one person who loves The Lord with all their heart, but who feels like nothing is ever good enough.
God loves us and is not cracking the whip as you think?
Please leave a comment if this post rings a bell with you.
Your sister in The Lord,



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