Judge Not

Seeing how some church people sit down on others when they are leading the service….

“Be careful how you sit in judgment of others”. 

God has not given us a ministry to discipline and punish, but a ministry of reconciliation. 

Who are we – God?

Only God is the righteous judge.  Do you trust God?  Didn’t He say He would separate the wheat from the tares?  Do you really love the person against whom you sit in judgment?  Are you resentful and fearful they just might go unpunished for what you believe they have done or what you believe they are doing?  Do you fear that they are going to get away with something that you can’t get away with also?

Do you just love God and obey him only to be better than others?  Do you not understand that there are wages for their sin that they will suffer?  If so, you would be praying for them instead of judging them and being resentful.


3 thoughts on “Judge Not

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I agree with your comment. But it is even harder when we have grown to a certain point to then allow others time to grow as well.

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