References and Relationships

Here are some nuggets of wisdom from Mark 11:22-33Teachable Moment.png

     When you pray, make sure you have first forgiven other church leaders, ministries and just plain people for not living up to their promises or your expectations for their life or ministry.

     Religious people will often question who is it that approves of someone or who supports them or who has given them credentials.  Often one may feel as though they need to align themselves with a denomination and risk segregating himself from other believers.  However, the only credentials or authority you need is the directive from God.  For what is one man to say about another man’s servant (Romans 14:3-4 NIV)? A true servant of The Master is not required to justify himself to anyone.  If you start trying to explain yourself just a little, you will find yourself looking foolish, undermine your own confidence in what God is telling you to do and you will have to then explain to the next people that come along.  It will never end. 

     Often, when people are carnal, small-minded or have not received the revelation of what God is going to do in your life, then can neither comprehend your destiny nor make sense of the process it takes to get there (which most likely has yet to even be revealed to you), nor can they understand your attempts at explaining why you must do what you must do.

     Stop asking people to pray for you under the guise of being humble and getting them to stop judging or criticizing you.  God already has who he wants to praying for you with the right attitude.  You are covered.  You don’t need anyone’s biased, arrogant prayers.

     Stop explaining your ministry to your friends and confiding in them.  It can unsettle them or cause them to question your ministry unnecessarily.  They cannot comprehend your destiny and they do not need to in order to be a friend.  A true friend loves at all times even if you go off the deep end (Proverbs 17:17).  But if you give them too much info, the fight to maintain the relationship when they don’t understand the call will be too difficult.  Stop trying to get a ‘two-for-one-deal’: having a friend who also believes, follows and supports your ministry. 

     Friends can hang out on the porch with you.  But they may not be able to follow you in your consecration.  So keep the porch separate from the prayer room.  Know how to draw the lines and let the chips fall where they may.  That way, if your friend walks away from you, you will know it is God pruning your life for the next level of growth, anointing and blessing. John 15:2



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